Favourite Bath and Body Products for Baby

There is no one other than a mother who can properly take care of an infant. Even without having any prior experience can a newborn sleep in a pack n play, a novice mother will know how important it is to take effective care of their baby and for that they would go to any extent, especially when buying baby products. There are so many companies manufacturing baby bath and body products but a mother can’t just close her eyes and pick any for their baby. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and any harsh substance applied to it could result in rashes and roughness of the skin. 

Baby Mantra

The Baby Mantra three-in-one – bubble bath, shampoo and body wash along with calming lotion, massage oil and newborn shampoo and body wash contains some natural ingredients such as mango butter, apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed and grape oil seed. These ingredients leave your infant’s skin hydrated and relaxed and has no toxins, chemicals or dyes thereby protecting your child’s sensitive skin.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

The Earth Mama Angel Baby products are beneficial for mother’s skin during the pregnancy and even after that. The Natural Nipple Butter product helps the skin be hydrated and safe for breastfeeding. They even have no stretch mark creams for those who dread having stretch marks on their body after pregnancy.


Mum+Bub is a product by adenanais that offers soothing ointment, lotion infused with fresh and fermented pawpaw fruit and hair and body wash. These products are free of gluten, paraben and soy thereby keeping your child’s skin as innocent as ever. 

Babo Botanicals

The Babo Botanical products contain some naturally occurring ingredients like watercress, chamomile, calendula, kadzu and zinc oxide. These ingredients are helpful for keeping your child’s skin sensitive and also maintain your skin. The products made for infants like body wash and shampoo help them get relief from eczema, protection from ultraviolet rays and prevent lice. 

Baby Bee

Tear and fragrance free Burt’s Baby Bee shampoo and body wash are very beneficial in maintaining child’s skin. These products include oat flour, aloe vera and soy proteins. The creamy formula of this product is non-irritating for the baby. 

Lafe’s Organic Baby foaming Shampoo

Lafe’s organic baby foaming shampoo and body wash is the purest and most fragrant free product you can apply on your baby’s skin. It is cent percent organic and contains sunflower seed, palm, olive and coconut. 

Farmaesthetics Homemade Bath Bars

Farmaesthetics Homemade Bath Bars are the perfect body soap bar you can purchase for your child. They are made from natural ingredients like purified rain water, coconut oils, palm, olive and other herbs and flowers. 

California Baby Bubble Bath

If you want to give your child an amazing bath time, the use the California baby bubble bath. Since this product doesn’t contain any SLS or synthetic substances, they are hundred percent safe for your child’s bathe. 

These products are some of the favourite baby bath and body products mothers prefer while thinking the best for their babies.