Cancer can start anywhere in the body and begins when cells start to grow uncontrollably in certain areas of the body, leaving aside normal or healthy cells.

Head and neck cancers are among the most common types of cancer, although little is said in-depth about them, below, we explain about them, their causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Neoplasms and cancer are scientifically defined as an abnormal cellular response that causes cells to grow at an uncontrolled rate, or at an abnormal location, or both.

Unlike other cancers, head and neck cancer appear due to external factors. The main factors that cause this type of cancer can be:


When alcohol consumption is excessive, there is an increased risk of developing these types of cancer.

Currently, a large number of young people and adults include alcoholic beverages in their day-to-day activities for fun, celebration, or hobby, without being aware of what the limit or limit should be when ingesting them so as not to directly affect their health.


People often believe that tobacco consumption in any of its presentations causes only lung cancer, and they are not only at that risk, excessive and continuous tobacco use is also a cause of head and neck cancers, that is, but consumption High also increases the risk of tumors in the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, and larynx.

The risk of developing head or neck cancer is much higher in people over 45 years; in fact, specialist doctors say that it is much more common for men and not women.

Diet or nutrition

Another risk factor is nutritional deviation by the person. By having a high consumption of alcohol and nutrition very high in fat and low in vegetables, it is possible that there is a deficiency of vitamins, which increases the chances of getting head and neck cancer. The same happens when excessively salty foods are added to the diet, causing nasopharyngeal cancer.

Oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene and poor teeth are also often a risk of cancers in the oral cavity.

It is advisable to treat those toothless spaces, keep the mouth and teeth clean, and brush after each meal with the correct products.


The infection that is mainly related to these types of cancers is the human papillomavirus in its type 16 and 18; it is directly related to oropharyngeal cancer that involves the tonsils or the base of the tongue. In the event of a timely discovery of this type of cancer derived from the human papillomavirus, it allows the patient to have a better prognosis and a less aggressive treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Exposure in workplaces

People exposed to wood dust are at risk of nasopharyngeal and laryngeal cancer, as are those who work in companies where they handle industrial products such as asbestos, synthetic fibers, building materials, textiles, ceramics, and wood.…