How to Remove Hair at Home
If you’re on a tight budget, facial hair removal may be difficult to afford. Luckily, there are many
ways to remove hair at home that are more convenient and affordable. You can remove hair in
the comfort of your own home, in a private area skin tightening device, and save money while doing it. Keep reading to
learn about some of the most common methods. The best part is that you can perform these
methods without paying a dime!

How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently: 7 Best Ways at Home
The first step in threading is to make sure that the hair is longer than the desired length, but not
too long. This helps it adhere better to the linen strips that will be used to remove the hair. The
hair in the area should gradually become thinner and eventually stop growing altogether. To
make threading easy, you can use a sewing needle. The process will last for about two to three
weeks. After you’ve mastered the technique, you can try it out on other areas of your body, too.
First, you should wash and dry the area to be waxed. The area should be dry, not wet, so that
the wax can adhere properly to it. You should also ensure that the wax is warm, and it should
not hurt your wrist. Next, you should apply the wax, using the wax strip, in the direction of hair
growth. When applying the wax, you should allow the strip to sit on the hair for about two or
three seconds, then pull it off.

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To get the best results when epilating hair at home, use a clean and dry epilator. Hairs that are
wet or damp can be difficult to grip and will result in an uneven epilating experience. Before
epilating, exfoliate your skin with a baby powder and dry thoroughly. Epilators are drier when
used on a low setting. Use a high setting if you have experience and are looking to speed up the
epilation process.
One simple remedy to remove hair at home is to use papaya. The enzyme papain in papaya
weakens hair follicles, preventing them from regrowing. Plus, papaya contains antioxidants that
make your skin glow. The enzyme can work wonders for removing hair on any area of the body.
So, grab a papaya and start scrubbing!
IPL laser
If you’re planning on using an IPL laser at home to remove hair, it’s important to follow the
recommended procedure for best results. Most brands will advise you to wear SPF 30 or higher
sunscreen before using the device. The start-up phase of the procedure should last for about 30
minutes and is usually the same as the one used in clinical tests. Afterwards, you can expect to
see the results in a few weeks.

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